Below is just the beginning of our line-up of innovative, industry-leaning and incredible speakers who will share their knowledge at Sales Convention 2024 in New Orleans.  

Let’s review all the reasons why you should plan to attend University sessions at Sales Convention 2024:  

  • Build your knowledge. Not sure how to create Instagram Reels or put together a luxury listing presentation? Our University speakers have you covered. 
  • Hone your skills. From sharpening your negotiation tactics to becoming a lead-generating pro, University sessions can help you hone a specific skill set for your business.  
  • Stay ahead of the trends. The industry is ever-changing and one way to stay ahead is by learning about where trends are today and where they’re going. 
  • Sharpen your competitive edge. Every new piece of information you acquire is another powerful, competitive differentiator in your marketplace. 
  • Discover new perspectives. When you attend University, you’ll get fresh perspectives to think about time-honored tactics in a new way.  

Learn all about our speakers and their planned topics below.