Dave Corey

Dave Corey is a visionary leader in the real estate industry, recognized for his pioneering efforts in integrating technology into real estate operations. As a forward-thinking professional, in 2023, Dave spearheaded the implementation of three AI ChatBots, revolutionizing the way his team of 350 agents interacts with clients and manage their workflows.

His proficiency in AI and real estate is not just limited to the introduction of chatbots. Dave has a rich history of embracing various technologies to elevate the performance of his companies and agents. This approach has not only streamlined operations but also enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.

At the core of his professional ethos is a belief in the transformative power of AI. Dave is convinced that AI will significantly reshape the real estate sector, particularly by optimizing the efficiency of routine tasks that consume a substantial amount of agents’ time. His goal is to democratize access to AI tools, ensuring that as many agents as possible can benefit from these advancements.

Dave Corey’s participation in the “AI Powered Real Estate” panel at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices convention is a testament to his expertise and dedication to the field. His insights and experiences are invaluable to understanding how AI can be leveraged to redefine the future of real estate.