Bru Krebs

Meet Bru Krebs, an accomplished Associate Broker and esteemed sales leader with an illustrious 29-year tenure in the real estate industry. Throughout his extensive career, Bru has garnered invaluable experience, having worked in various capacities such as a home builder, sales agent, managing broker, broker-owner, and associate broker. This wealth of experience forms the foundation of Bru’s highly effective marketing strategies and comprehensive buyer assistance programs.

Before establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Atlanta real estate market, Bru made a significant impact in South Georgia, constructing over 100 new homes. Subsequently, he embarked on several large-scale residential and commercial construction projects in Atlanta. Licensed in 2003, Bru began his full-time real estate career in Atlanta in 2005, displaying remarkable leadership skills even during the challenging times of the real estate market crash in 2007. He worked with 15 different banks in the foreclosure sales industry, demonstrating his resilience and expertise. In 2015, Bru made a triumphant return to resale, quickly emerging as a top producer and earning numerous accolades for his exceptional sales volume. Local media outlets consistently recognize him as Atlanta’s Intown expert, a testament to his unwavering dedication to serving his clients and ensuring they have exceptional real estate experiences.

Bru is driven by his commitment to maximizing client satisfaction and achieving outstanding return on investment. With a track record of excellence and a disciplined approach, Bru is the obvious choice for those seeking a dedicated professional with substantial experience.