Leslie Walsh

Throughout her 18-year professional odyssey at Berkshire Hatahway HomeServices, Leslie Walsh has accumulated a wealth of expertise in our proprietary technological solutions. She’s worn multiple hats, serving as a valuable member of our Network Training Team and as a Solution Strategist.

Her vast experience encompasses pivotal roles in supporting lead generation, contact management, website analytics, and listing aggregation. But it’s not just her expertise that makes Leslie an invaluable asset to the Solution Strategy Team; it’s her unwavering can-do attitude, which consistently elevates her contributions.

Beyond her remarkable career, Leslie has also celebrated 34 years of marriage and takes immense pride in being a grandmother to three cherished grandsons. In addition to her professional and familial commitments, she remains deeply committed to her community. Leslie is a founding member of the Black Cat Rescue Society and generously volunteers at the annual International Film Festival in her hometown of Palm Springs, California.