Jason Pantana

Jason Pantana is a coach, trainer, and speaker for Tom Ferry International, the world’s leading real estate coaching program, as well as host of the seminar, Marketing Edge. His dynamic sessions arm professionals with the tools to stay competitive and successful.

His areas of expertise include social media, local SEO, content marketing, AI integration, and various aspects of digital marketing. He’s assisted multitudes in utilizing powerful advertising campaigns through the use of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other platforms.

Planned Topics:

Fill the Funnel Up – Mindshare Wins Marketshare

Listing Magnet – (Modernist) Marketing Methods to Level-Up on LISTINGS

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Fill the Funnel Up! Mindshare Wins Marketshare

Step into the fast lane of lead generation and pipeline optimization by embracing innovative approaches. Learn how to capture mindshare to win market share and establish yourself as the...

Lead Generation

Jason Pantana