Event & Registration Info




March 21 – 23, 2021

(Pre-Conference ancillary meetings will be held on Sunday, March 21, prior to Sales Convention. Please see the official agenda for full details.)




Sales Convention is open to all members of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices brokerage network.


Business casual, unless otherwise noted.




Registering early for Sales Convention not only ensures the best-available pricing but also adds convenience to the entire Sales Convention experience. Early registration means securing coveted appointments and reservations, and it also means plenty of time to plan your entire trip – from local destination highlights to University sessions. Commit to your future when you commit to Sales Convention 2021 today! Bulk registration allows companies to pre-purchase discounted registration packages. Only your broker may purchase these on your behalf. Bulk registrants will be asked at a later date to choose if they will attend “live” or “virtual”. Virtual Bulk Registrations will include all three levels of Virtual. If circumstances require us to move to a virtual only event, the “live” registrations will convert to virtual ones.

Individual registration is now open. Individuals may choose the Live registration or a Virtual option. You do not need to purchase all three levels, but must purchase Virtual Basic to be able to access the other two levels.




Bulk Registration – Live or Virtual **

7/15/20 – 10/14/20

$385 USD

Early Bird Live Registration

10/20/20 – 12/09/20

$475 USD

Regular Live Registration

12/10/20 – 2/24/21

$569 USD

Onsite Live Registration *

3/20/21 – 3/23/21

$599 USD

Social Live Registration

7/15/20 – 2/24/21

$350 USD


Virtual Basic Plan

10/20/20 – 3/23/21

$199 USD

Upgrade your Virtual Basic Plan with the following add ons:

Virtual Plus

10/20/20 – 3/23/21

+ $125 USD

Virtual Sunshine Kids Benefit

10/20/20 – 3/23/21

+ $75 USD


*Space permitting. Social registrations do not include University and are not available in the Virtual plans.


** Virtual Bulk includes all three virtual levels. Individuals must purchase Virtual Basic to be able to add either or both the other two levels. 

You know what to expect at the live event, but what exactly is included in the Virtual Registration?


Virtual Basic:


·      Virtual Basic means attendees can digitally join our General Sessions, where they’ll watch the speakers, awards celebrations and presentations shared on the main stage.

·      A Virtual Basic ticket allows for virtual exhibit hall access to engage with vendors and discover new tools, services and products to grow your business.

·      A Virtual Basic ticket can be used to attend four pre-determined University courses.


Virtual Plus enhancement:


·      With a Virtual Plus enhancement, attendees gain access to all University courses on demand.

·      This enhancement also unlocks additional networking opportunities.


Virtual Plus Sunshine Kids enhancement:


·      Attendees can choose to add the Sunshine Kids Benefit enhancement and experience this exclusive event, with a portion of the proceeds going to The Sunshine Kids Foundation.