We recognize that attendees have different levels of immunity and concerns, and as we continue to safely produce in-person events, the health and wellness of our attendees at Sales Convention remains our top priority. While we will not require COVID-19 vaccination, testing or masks at this time, we do expect attendees to act responsibly and with care to their fellow attendees.

As stated in the registration policy, registrants will be expected to abide by and engage in health and safety practices as required by applicable laws, CDC guidelines and best practices while attending Sales Convention. These customary recommendations are implemented for the protection of your health and others’ health, and our team keeps the wellness and safety of attendees top of mind, always.

We recommend:

  • Monitoring yourself for any symptoms of illness prior to the start of Sales Convention 2024.
  • Not attending the event if you have symptoms of any illness or have been exposed to COVID-19 or other communicable illness.
  • Testing prior to leaving your home city and to bring an extra test with you if you are concerned about testing before returning home.
  • We also recommend bringing masks, so you have them available if you feel you are in a higher risk situation.
  • Removing yourself from the event if you develop any symptoms while at the event.

As a reminder:

Smart Safety Tips:

It is always good common sense to keep the following general tips in mind to travel safely in New Orleans or any other large city:

  • Always pay attention, stay alert, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Carry your personal items in front of you and close to your body. Try not to carry more than you can handle.
  • When sitting, keep bags and purses in front of you or on your lap, not over the back of the chair.
  • Don’t flaunt any valuables including your mobile phone, jewelry or cash.
  • Upon leaving a meeting or convention, be sure to remove and stash your convention badge.
  • Walk in well-traveled and well-lit places, especially at night.