Mastering the Art of Luxury Seller Engagement

Unlock the Secrets to Success in Attracting, Managing, and Retaining Luxury Sellers. Join Sacha Brosseau, founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathway HomeServices Quebec as he shares his proven strategies to set yourself apart from the competition while engaging with luxury sellers. Learn how to effectively attract, manage, and retain high-end clientele, ensuring your time and resources are invested wisely. Elevate your expertise in the world of luxury real estate and watch your success soar.

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Global Mindset: Top Agents Share Strategies For Working With Elite Clientele Around The World — PANEL

With the rise of people working from home and luxury clientele still embracing the Carpe Diem ethos, real estate remains more fluid than ever. Buyers and sellers are traveling the world in search of new and exciting primary residences in first-class destinations, and seeking second, third, and even fourth homes, and luxury rentals for extravagant vacations. Join some of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ top real estate professionals from The Bahamas, Spain, London, and Portugal to learn more about their markets and what it takes to work with some of the most discerning clients in the world. We will also hear from our esteemed panelists about advice for working with high-net-worth clientele, the ways in which they work with foreigners buying in country, how to maintain a strong referral network in their important feeder markets, and much more.

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Becoming a Luxury Agent: What it Takes to Get — and Stay — at the Top — PANEL

From Cape Cod, to California, The Cayman Islands to Los Cabos, dive into the world of high-end real estate for an insider’s perspective from some of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ top network agents. During the panel, we will hear how these agents got to the top—and what it takes to stay there. We will uncover what has worked for them in growing their business, the nuances and complexities of transacting multi-million-dollar deals, pitfalls to avoid and winning strategies to follow. The panel will also focus on advice for securing luxury listings, keeping up with community involvement and nurturing client relationships, innovative marketing strategies and much more.

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