If anyone knows about facing obstacles and coming out on top, it’s Chaunté Lowe, who takes the gold in overcoming challenges. The world-renowned high jumper lives to conquer barriers, with four Olympic Gold appearances, three Global Championship medals, three American records and several global accolades to her name. She also achieved most of these accomplishments while holding another title – “mother of three.” 

Chaunté’s performances on the field have earned her inductions into three separate halls of fame and four separate invitations to be honored at the White Houses by several U.S. Presidents. A world-renowned resilience speaker, Chaunté has also been featured in many publications, including: The New York Times, Huffington Post, Vogue, Glamour, Essence and Sports Illustrated.  

With an “I can do ANYTHING” attitude, you might never guess that one of Chaunté’s biggest obstacles happened off the track. In 2019, the decorated high jumper was rattled with the devastating diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer, which is among the most aggressive forms. In a state of disbelief, Chaunté took the crushing blow head-on; she was forced to bow out of the national championships for a double mastectomy and miss the world championships for chemotherapy. Still, in Chaunté fashion, she decided she would fight against the odds and still train through chemo in hopes of making the delayed 2020 US Olympic team. 

Now known as the utmost expert on resilience who reaches hundreds of millions of people, Chaunté is dedicated to advocacy work that focuses on early detection and breast cancer awareness to save lives. Chaunté was honored with the NCAA Inspiration Award, The ‘Hero Among Us’ award, and was recently named to Georgia Tech’s 40 under 40 2021 Class.