Secrets from the Top! Top Agents & Brokers Share Best Practices to Create Huge Results — PANEL

Join top female real estate coach, Sherri Johnson for an exclusive opportunity as she interviews a panel of top network agents and brokers who are implementing Sherri’s sales strategies for 6-7 figure income success! Learn from these superstars how and what they are doing to double and even triple their production and income quickly. Discover the breakthroughs these panelists experienced through coaching that have had an incredible impact on their business.

Sherri will uncover the transformational changes these agents made that helped them achieve breakthroughs and exceed their goals. They have successfully implemented Sherri’s GoldMine Pipeline™, How to Make $50K at your Next Open House™ as well as Sherri’s exclusive MicroFarming™ Strategies for generating listings where there is low to no inventory. These top agents and brokers have remarkable success stories to share that are yielding 10x ROI and they can generate $100,000 to $150,000 in 3-4 months and even in less than 30 days from implementing Sherri’s exclusive strategies that produce amazing results.

Learn from these agents and Sherri what you need to develop and change in your business to create the successful results you want. Don’t miss this!

Moderator: Sherri Johnson