Conversational Intelligence — Make Each Conversation Count

Humans don’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, we’re hardwired for connection and belonging and the medium that this happens through is conversations. In this energizing session, participants will discover what it means to be truly optimized for collaboration, innovation, and mutual success through the medium of communication. By diving into what makes us human, we’ll go under the hood to explore the neuroscience of trust, connection, and conversations. With lecture, exercises, and reflections, participants will learn the impact that the quality of our communication has on our ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence and walk away with a new understanding and appreciation of trust. This session is an eye-opener and offers participants a new language, framework, and set of tools to create trust, strengthen partnerships, and create mutual success with anyone.

Program Benefits:

  • Understand why your brain labels others as friend or foe in less than .07 seconds and the impact this has on your interactions.
  • Understand the role of cortisol and oxytocin within the Three Levels of Conversations and how this influences the trust you can create with others.
  • Practice three tools in your listening and speaking that can shift someone from resistant to open-minded.