The following courses and sessions are designed for company leaders and role-based areas of expertise. These by invitation only sessions will take place at the Convention Center prior to the official start of Sales Convention 2024 events.

In addtion to our pre-conference meetings, we also host Pre-Conference Training and Networking Events.


Marketing Forum – At this closed-door networking opportunity, marketing directors will have a chance to learn more about new products in development and share their own ideas and innovations. For corporate marketing directors only.


At the following meetings, participants from like-sized Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices companies will join together to brainstorm ideas and exchange best practices, with a focus on strategies for sustainable success and continued business growth. By Invitation Only.

Berkshire Elite Circle – A mastermind meeting for the Top 50 companies.

Genesis Group – This broker group meeting is for all brokers who are not in the Berkshire Elite Circle.