Troy Reierson

Troy Reierson

Troy Reierson is a Director of Business Development at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. He has been labeled a “superstar” in the majority of positions he has held and has been the top salesperson and sales leader in each organization he has served since 2003. Prior to 2003, Troy owned multiple businesses which he grew from an idea or need. With his ability to become focused and present in each situation, he has been able to truly help others while building on each of his business successes. His passion to serve and ability to put his own needs aside from the needs of others have brought him to a new level in which he wishes to share while helping others achieve similar successes. “I succeed when others succeed.” There is so much more to uncover in people and their ability to change their thought processes, actions and ultimately their lives. “I am so fortunate to have this skillset to help others and often feel like the luckiest person alive.”

Time to Grow – Structuring Mergers & Acquisitions to Accelerate Growth in 2021 – PANEL

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This session is designed for Owners, Brokers and Managers Ever wonder how some of the most successful organizations appear to always be in the know? How they find the best opportunities to acquire or merge when you had no idea the opportunity existed? It’s not magic however, it is an art form. This course is […]

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