Make a Connection powered by Brella

Make a Connection powered by Brella

Get Ready to Make a Connection!

Meeting new people, finding new referrals…these are just two of the things people love about attending Sales Convention. But how does that work in a virtual environment?

With an assist from AI! Virtual networking has never been so efficient … or cool.

Available on the Event Portal, the Make a Connection feature will allow Sales Convention attendees to chat with other UNSTOPPABLE attendees and to book 15-minute, 1:1 virtual meetings with network members who might give you your next referral or share information that will help you land a new client.

The feature, powered by Brella, allows you to set your availability, so scheduling your virtual meetings becomes a total digital breeze. It’s kind of like digital matchmaking for real estate professionals, no awkward first date required.

Here are a few quick tips for getting the most out of your online networking experience:

Creating your Profile:

• When the link to the Event Portal goes out NEXT WEEK(!), head to the “Make a Connection” tab from the homepage. Fill out your profile completely with your company, title, email and social media handles. This allows attendees to know exactly who you are, how your skills and expertise might complement theirs, and how to connect with you outside of Sales Convention.

· If you use social media to authenticate your account, your name and profile photo will be pulled automatically.

• You’ll be able to choose which of the days you will be available to “meet”.

• Next, choose the Categories and Interests you are most interested in discussing. These Categories include things like: Global; Luxury; Commercial; Investment Properties; Military & Veterans; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Social & Community Influencers; Marketing; Leading and Growing Your Sales Team; Team Talk for Agents and more. The Interests are more specific topics under each of those categories. Just click on your “Interests” to add them to your list.

• Complete your profile with a short bio, and you’re almost ready to start networking, learning and connected with UNSTOPPABLE attendees!

• Additional customization:

· In your settings, you can choose (and we highly recommend this) to opt into push notifications. Just click on your profile picture and choose “Notifications.”

· You can also choose specific 15-minute time slots within the days you have chosen to network. To select your availability, go to Schedule and select the filter for “Networking Availability” to find these times quickly. You can then de-select times for which you will not be available on those days. If you do not choose specific times, you will show as available that entire day.

Setting up meetings:

• To start setting up meetings, go to the ‘People’ tab from the left navigation. That’s where you’ll see your best matches.

• Click on ‘Suggest Meeting’ on the contact. The profile of this person will open with his/her availability to network during the event. On the right side, you can see your time and your match’s local time to ensure the time is suitable for both of you.

• When you select a time, you’ll be shown a text box before sending out the request. Think of this like a homebuyer’s letter. It’s your chance to personalize your message and increase your odds of your request being accepted.

• After sending the meeting request, your match can either accept, reject or cancel the meeting. You can find your personal chat and Brella’s meeting room on the upper side of Brella (message icon).

• If your meeting is accepted you will receive a notification 5 minutes before the meeting.

• Starting a meeting — A Brella meeting room will open with this person. The options include video, standard chat or just audio. The video call room can be accessed by clicking on the video icon in the meeting request. Both attendees will have to choose the video icon option for that method to work. You can still connect via the other options if preferred.

But wait. There’s more!

In addition to 1:1 meetings, you can also participate in Chatter Groups. We’ve also created some Chatter categories that are more generalized and allow for an open forum.