Krish Dhanam

Krish Dhanam

Krish Dhanam, Managing Partner, Skylife Success; Global Ambassador, the Ziglar Companies; executive, coach, trainer, accomplished author and inspiring globe-trotting speaker. Krish Dhanam’s training by Zig Ziglar has borne fruit in his winsome delivery of very practical wisdom for life and leadership. Native to India and initially inspired by western films, Krish arrived in New York City in 1986 with nine dollars in hand, energized by a dream to succeed. Succeed he did, in sales, speaking, training and facilitating seminars around the world. He climbed the ladder from telemarketer to VP of Global Operations for Ziglar Corporation and later as Global Ambassador. In addition to authoring and collaborating on six books, Krish and his bride Anila run a non-profit catering to their native India.

Cross Cultural Selling in a Global Marketplace

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The universal rule of selling is that relationships matter. The number one rule of success is that results matter. This innovative seminar is a blend of success principles and sales strategies that have been tried and proven in seventy countries on six continents. Krish Dhanam, trained by the legendary sales guru Zig Ziglar, will offer […]