Jess Lenouvel

Jess Lenouvel

Forbes-featured entrepreneur, Jess Lenouvel has always been a pioneer of real estate. Before FB marketplace was FB marketplace, she was using it to generate leads for leases and buyers and had leveraged social media to grow her business. After building her own real estate business from scratch to seven-figures, Jess launched The Listings Lab (TLL), her cutting-edge proprietary program — one that focuses on genuine relationship building, giving agents permission to share their human side while also turning their digital presence into a plug-and-play marketing engine. TLL generates not just lead flow, but a bat signal for ideal clients that are ready to enlist agent support — before even hopping on the call with them.

The 6 Levers to Grow Your Business in 2021

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As a real estate agent, your business can be broken down to a series of levers that you push or pull to increase your revenue year over year. Six levers determine whether you hit your goals or not, and knowing when to pull each one is KEY if you’re business planning and wanting to create […]