An entrepreneur, magician and communications expert, Vinh Giang credits his boundless entrepreneurial spirit and mindset to his parents, who left Vietnam for Australia in 1981 and would go on to start multiple successful businesses. His father’s belief that “life is a miracle” inspired Vinh to see the possibilities in his own life. Today, he travels the world teaching expert communications skills while engaging audiences worldwide with his signature energy and flair. As a college student, Vinh decided to launch an online business to teach magic and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, as the founder of Encyclopedia of Magic and CEO of Luminary Productions, Vinh combines his two biggest passions: teaching and magic. Magic performances by Vinh’s team have won multiple awards at Adelaide Fringe Festival, one of the largest art events on the planet. Using the power of perspective, goal-setting and positive thinking, Vinh encourages others to believe in the possibility for positive change in their lives and businesses. He helps professionals re-imagine their approach to communication, showing them how to detach from who they are in the present to give their future selves a chance. Then, he shows his audience exactly how to amplify the best parts of who they are to become an even better version of who they will be.