Dee Denton

Dee knows the secret to pushing through to getting real results with authenticity and a strong desire to help others. Her high level of energy is contagious, and she uses her decades of experience as the go-to expert to help brokers and real estate professionals get on target for their goals and achievements. She has created several successful real estate businesses over the years and holds the Gold Standard Instructor designation. She is also an instructor for several of the National Association of REALTORS® designation courses as well as her own programs, including Branding U, Build the Biz!, Get more Sellers and Emotional Intelligence.

She created, produced and hosted a TV series called “Your Empowered Life” that aired on PBS. She is the creator and producer of a monthly publication for real estate professionals, “Agent Marketing Playbook,” which has national distribution of 25,000, and a monthly business building playbook for mortgage professionals. As a national speaker, Dee has a unique ability to connect with audiences and generate excitement for learning, utilizing her life’s unique journey that created her mantra “All Things Possible” with a southern flair.