How the Forever Agent Movement is Moving On!

As the leader of the Forever AgentSM Movement, Allan Dalton, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices SVP of Research and Development, shares the stage with Forever AgentSM early adopter and top producer, Andrew Undem from The Sure Group at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty. Together, they’ll share new concepts, dialogues, and direction to complement what you have already learned from the Forever AgentSM events. A truly not-to-be-missed session for everyone who has taken the Forever AgentSM pledge and who utilizes the Forever AgentSM marketing and messaging.

This interactive learning experience will also provide opportunities to share with your colleagues what you’ve been doing differently since becoming a pledged Forever AgentSM and what new resources are being developed for Forever AgentSM moving forward. This session will include a Forever AgentSM pledging opportunity for those who wish to take or retake the Forever AgentSM pledge and receive their pledge stickers.