Done Deal! Improve Your Negotiation Skills Now!

In the real estate industry, negotiations are unlike any other. Emotions and risk run high, financial stakes are big and no two deals are alike. Agents often serve as the gatekeepers to a successful transaction on behalf of their clients. Whether you are a buyer or listing agent, being a great negotiator helps make you a great REALTOR®.

Drawing on decades of experience, Seth Weissman teaches REALTORS® how to become better negotiators now. The practical tips he offers in this thought-provoking session will not only make you a better negotiator, it will also make you a better REALTOR®.

  • Along the way, he shares time-tested principles for:
  • Using mediation skills to your advantage
  • Learning to be hyper-observant to gain an advantage
  • Building rapport and credibility with the other agent
  • Creating leverage and a sense of urgency
  • Filtering communications to keep the negotiation on track

Whether you are a seasoned pro with a broad network, or a newer agent establishing your business, Seth will help you understand the challenging context in which today’s transactions take place — and how to guide your clients through one of the most important decisions some of them will ever make.