Think Bigger: Growth Mindset Strategies to Double your Business in any Market

Join leading international real estate sales coach and consultant Sherri Johnson to catapult your business to the next level!  Sherri will share her exclusive 12 Growth Mindset Strategies that will accelerate your results to double or triple your sales and income in 2023. Sherri will provide you with the step-by-step game plan to put into action to win regardless of market conditions and generate immediate results. This must-attend session will help positively impact your thinking, help you convert and close more listings and sales, and provide you with the action plan and mindset that will shift you into massive 10X growth, success, and create the work/life balance you want and deserve! See you there!

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Strategies to Generate 5 Listings in 30 Days

Attend this game-changing session to learn Sherri's exclusive Ultimate Listing Success Plan™️that will help you achieve 5 listings in the next 30 days using online and off-line lead generation sources! Sherri will teach you her 10 Best Methods to generate listings immediately! Gain the successful mindset to shift your scripts and sources for generating listings now. Learn Sherri’s exclusive MicroFarming™️ Strategy, How to Make $50K at your Next Open House, as well as generating listings from your sphere, video and social media! Using Sherri’s unique and value-driven scripts, you can create immediate opportunities for listings, sales and income! Don’t miss this high-energy, impactful session that will accelerate your listing results in the next 30 days and create immediate results!

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Get the Life by the Plan You Design

In this session Gino Blefari, CEO of HomeServices of America and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, will show you how to take charge and transform your life. Learn how to create a life plan that focuses on enriching areas that include your personal vision, business vision, health and wellness vision, company and employee vision, financial freedom, and much more! Gino will also provide you with positive affirmations in each area.

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3 Strategies for Recruiting Top Agents

All brokerages and teams face attrition. Therefore, it is imperative for leaders to make recruiting a priority to keep their funnel filled and maintain market share. Developing a well-defined recruiting strategy starts with a solid understanding of your organization’s numbers and value proposition. The next step is determining specific needs for your organization and identifying target candidates. It’s important to understand agents in different phases of their careers have different needs and if you can’t support them, you can’t recruit them. Finally, create and implement a systematic sustainable recruiting process complete with onboarding.

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10 Steps to a High-Growth Brokerage

This forum provides a playbook for success to help you grow your business. We approach the steps modularly in the following levels: Foundational – Take a thorough and detailed look at your business. Know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Set objectives and create a plan. Growth – Craft your unique brand story, understand who is a right fit for your organization and put a process in place. Make your plan systematic to grow with the team you envision. Scaling – Measure your progress and set goals. Implement ways to generate business and market to your sphere of influence (SOI). Invest time in hiring and developing a great team and create a plan to tell your story.

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