Your First 5 Steps Toward YouTube Domination

You've heard lots of stories about how powerful YouTube can be for your real estate business, but have you seen the actual steps you should take to achieve the results you want? During this class Nick Niehaus, Head Trainer at Business Video School, will show you the first 5 steps you should take to begin developing the skills needed for big time YouTube success! You'll learn simple steps for creating videos with just a phone, ideas for content that attracts your ideal customer, and ways you can begin building the habits that lead to long term video success! If you're curious about how you could begin using YouTube to attract more business, this class is for you!

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Why Video Works and 4 Easy Strategies You Should Try

Learn why video is the future (and present) of real estate marketing, plus 4 straightforward strategies you should use! This introductory training is meant to help you start using video the right way, while avoiding the burnout and overwhelm many professionals encounter when they first get started. You’ll learn why video works so well and the impact it has on your viewer’s mind. From there, you’ll build a sense of confidence as you start on your first of 4 proven strategies, many of which are much easier to implement than you might think! This class is perfect for those looking to find new ways to use video and motivation to keep working to improve their video skills.

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The 5 Secrets to Getting Your Agents to Use Video

Do you want your agents to start using video to grow their business? As the market continues to shift, video is a key competitive differentiator for agents. Are you doing enough to help them see that and execute on a plan to utilize video? Join us for this training session where Head Trainer at Business Video School Nick Niehaus will share insights he's gained from coaching and training thousands of agents globally on how to utilize video! He'll share 5 secrets that will help you engage your agents, and get them to start using video! It's easier than you might think, and no, one of the secrets is NOT simply sticking up a green screen in a conference room. These tips are much more useful than that!

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23 Video Content Ideas for 2023 — REPEAT

Video, video, video. It seems to be all we hear about when it comes to marketing our businesses. The biggest question most agents have is not whether they should create video content, but what those videos should be about. In this session, Jimmy Burgess, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida and 2023 Inman News Influencer, shares 23 different ideas for real estate videos that will help you attract your ideal clients. Whether you’re going all in with video in 2023 or creating your first video ever, these ideas will get you in front of more potential clients, position you as a local-market expert and get your creative juices flowing.

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