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Music City Center

Courtesy of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp.

Now an iconic addition to the downtown Nashville skyline, Music City Center was built in 2013 to attract local and national events, just like oursWe’re proud to host our Sales Convention at this relatively new complex, a bastion of green construction and environmental sustainability. (Music City Center was officially LEED Gold certified in 2014.) The 2.1-million-square-foot structure is effortlessly modern in its design, and yes, we can confirm the roof is really shaped like a guitar.  

General session and University sessions will be hosted in Music City Center, and if you’re lost on the music-filled streets of Nashville, type “201 5th Ave. S” into your Google Maps or else click right here for an interactive map that will take you straight to our Sales Convention doors.  

Touchdown in Nashville

Each day, more than 460 flights land or take off from Nashville International Airport, also known as BNA. As travelers’ first impression of Music City, BNA prides itself on being an aviation hub for not only flights but also Southern Hospitality. As you fly to BNA, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:  

  • Airport Information Center: If you have questions upon arrival, the Airport Information Center is staffed daily from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM Central, and a representative can be reached during those hours at (615) 275-1675.  
  • Food Scene: One bag of peanuts does not a complete meal make. Click here for a detailed list of all food vendors in Concourse A, B and C. 
  • Real Time Flight Information: The BNA website is host to a handy flight tracker that allows you to filter by airline and city. Find it here. (Also, on your way out of the city, the same website provides security checkpoint wait times, so you can better estimate how much time you need to arrive before your flight.)  
  • Chamber of Commerce: For expert advice on what to see, hear, taste and experience during your Nashville stay, visit the Chamber of Commerce at BNA. The Chamber of Commerce can be reached at (615) 743-3000.