First Time Attendees

Pick up your badge

We highly recommend checking in early so you can get all of your credentials and materials and be ready to explore Nashville before Sales Convention officially begins. Registration opens Saturday at 1 p.m., but check our agenda for complete hours. Registration will be located in Music City Center (201 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203) at Registration Area, Level 2. Click here for parking information. By the way, Music City Center has its own Wayfinding app to help you find your way around (you will need to allow Bluetooth access for it to work.)

Make a plan for your University Sessions

Chart your courses. All University session descriptions are available now, which means you can technically map out your entire educational extravaganza. This year’s schedule allows you to choose from up to five courses over two days. Pick a few options for each time slot, take advantage of repeat sessions then divide and conquer. If you’re attending with team members, they can always attend one session while you attend another. After the sessions end, get together over a plate hot chicken as a Nashville acoustic guitarist plays and swap ideas. 

Start your packing list

Pack for the weather and country theme. Cold night, warm days?  Check the weather a few days in advance and pack jackets or warm clothes to stay cozy. Also, don’t worry about fitting your cowboy boots into your carry-on bag; the Kick It Store is the perfect place to RE-boot (hehe) your wardrobe at Sales Convention this year. French’s is offering up to 50% off boots and apparel, starting on March 7. On a separate and unrelated note, Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 8. Set your clocks to spring forward as you travel onward into the fun, festivities, learn and growth of Sales Convention. 

Plan to spend time in the Exhibitor Showcase

Put the Exhibitor Showcase in the “need to be there” section of your itinerary. There is so much happening at the 2020 Exhibitor Hall, which opens Sunday at 4 p.m. in Hall A, Level 3 with the Networking Exhibitor Reception. In addition to over 120 exhibiting companies, the showcase features our REcharge Lounge, ready for you to unwind while you power up, photo ops abound and yes, WE HAVE RESCUE PUPPIES. (OK, we can’t guarantee they’ll all be puppies, but we can say with 100% certainty that they will all be adorably cute.) There’s also our Exhibit Hall game and our Sunshine Kids silent auction for a signed guitar and photo op with Lady Antebellum. On Monday and Tuesday, we offer a convenient way to grab a quick bite in our Lunch for Purchase area, with food carts serving tasty bites from four different menus with hot and cold options, plus extra seating to mix and mingle as you munch. 

Add Your Heading Text Here

If you’re an award winner, there’s even more planning you can do. Check the award winner recognition schedule for the complete list of all recognition opportunities. And if your award is recognized in a “General Session” use our Award Winner tips for guidance on what to expect that morning.

Networking Know How

Networking at Sales Convention is one of the best ways to learn about the latest and greatest in the real estate industry, deepen connections with colleagues and forge new relationships that can lead to referrals once you land back at home. The trick to networking is to strategically plan; think about ways to improve your networking abilities before you step foot on Music City ground. By applying the tried and true suggestions below, not only will you feel more prepared and confident, but you’ll also make the most of your valuable time.

Start networking before you even get to the event. If there are specific people you know you’d like to meet, send them a LinkedIn request, follow their Facebook page or Instagram account and send a friendly hello. Most likely, they’ll write you back and the connection will be made. Better still, once you start posting stories and photos from Sales Convention, they can comment, respond and engage.

Don’t be shy – introduce yourself! Arrive early and sit somewhere that allows you to see who’s coming and going. Turn your cell phone to vibrate and store it somewhere you can’t readily view the screen. When you approach a person you’d like to talk with, smile, offer a friendly handshake and lead with enthusiasm and positivity. Once introductions are made, ask pointed, thoughtful questions to receive pointed, thoughtful responses. Before you part ways, be sure to hand out your business card, exchange email addresses or social media handles and make a commitment to keep in touch with something concrete and defined. For instance, if you discussed the state of home prices in your market, remind your new contact you’ll email a great report about local home prices early next week.

Know what you want to say. Convention attendees are generally short on time and unable to stand around chatting for long. While this might scare novice networkers, it’s actually a good thing! It means you should refine your “elevator pitch” to about 20 seconds and get to the point.

Listen. Listening in networking is just as important—maybe more important—as speaking. A good networker is a good listener who focuses on the conversation and adds meaningful information after digesting what the other person has to say.

Follow up. Once the final note rings out during the Sunshine Kids Benefit, signaling Sales Convention is officially through, your connecting and networking is far from over. Compile all the business cards you collected, social media handles you followed and people you emailed during the event. Commit to reaching out to each one within a week. 

Remember networking is a give and take, a careful balance of listening and sharing information others might not otherwise know. Refine your “elevator pitch” weeks before Sales Convention begins and mentally gather all the stories that express who you are and why you’re dedicated to your business. Stories are the currency by which ideas are exchanged. If you can tell a great story and listen to someone’s in return, you’re well on your way to becoming a networking superstar.